Nola (41) sterft in dierentuin San Diego

Er zijn nog maar drie noordelijke witte neushoorns, sinds de 41-jarige Nola stierf aan een infectie en aan ouderdom in een dierentuin in San Diego. Nola woonde 38 jaar in het dierenpark. Toen ze 2 was werd ze gevangen in Soedan. Veel ouder dan 41 kunnen de dieren niet worden.

De drie overgebleven witte neushoorns wonen in een dierentuin in Kenia. In het wild komt de diersoort al lang niet meer voor. Er werd veel op ze gejaagd vanwege de waarde van hun hoorns. In sommige culturen wordt gedacht dat die een geneeskrachtige werking hebben.

Na olifanten zijn de witte neushoorns de grootste dieren. Nola woog ongeveer 2000 kilo.

Op de foto is ze aan het schilderen, een ‘verrijkende activiteit’ die de dierenverzorgers haar aanboden om haar ‘fysiek en mentaal te stimuleren’.

Nola, a 41-year-old, a critically endangered female northern white rhino, creates a one-of-a-kind art piece at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. To create the art, keepers placed non-toxic paint on a canvas, held the canvas in front of Nola, and at the rhino’s discretion, she used her horn to move the paint. Nola is rare in that her primary horn grows downward, rather than growing upward like most rhinos, providing her with the perfect “paintbrush”. The elderly Nola participated in the art session as part of an enrichment activity provided by her keepers. Enrichment provides animals with physical and mental stimulation, changing up their daily routine.  The unique art piece is being given to California State Assembly Speaker, Tony Atkins, by San Diego Zoo Global in appreciation for Atkins’ efforts to aide in protecting wildlife. On June 2, the California State Assembly voted to pass AB 96, legislation introduced by Atkins, which would close loopholes that prevent the effective enforcement of existing California law prohibiting the sale of elephant ivory and rhinoceros horn. The legislation now awaits approval by the California Senate, before being sent to Governor Brown to sign AB 96 into law.  Nola is one of just five northern white rhinos left in the world. Poaching for its horn has brought the northern white rhino to such critically low numbers. Currently, a rhino is poached every eight hours in South Africa. With dramatically low populations of all five rhino species, rhinos could become extinct in 15 years.  Photo taken on May 6 by Ken Bohn, San Diego Zoo Safari Park. ### PERMITTED USE: Images are provided to the media solely for reproduction, public display, and distribution in a professional journalistic context in connection with newspaper, magazine, broadcast media (radio, television) or Internet media (ad enabled blog, webcasts, webinars, podcasts). Images may not be made available for public or commercial download, licensing or sale. REQUIRED CRE

Foto San Diego Zoo



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